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Christie Brinkley is SUCH a Rock Star

Christie Brinkley’s creepy, philandering excuse for a husband made a short visit to their Hamptons compound yesterday. Christie stuck around for 15 minutes before getting the hell out of dodge, returning less than an hour later with a gift for the photog camped outside her house. She gave him a box of sugar-free Popsicles with a handwritten note inside. “Sorry you have to do this on such a hot day!” she’d written.

When asked to speak about the brief meeting with her creepy, philandering excuse for a husband, Brinkley said “I’d rather not comment. I just don’t want to fuel this anymore.”

Awww. She’s a class act, that Christie. She even made everyone who works in the architecture firm owned by her creepy, philandering excuse for a husband sign an NDA so they can’t gab to the media about his creepy philandering.

Unfortunately, that Billy Joel clone she totes around the Hamptons hasn’t had comparable media training.

Cheer up, Christie! So he was sleeping with a woman less than half your age. At least he wasn’t sleeping with your brother.

Source: E! Online

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