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Nicky Hilton’s Body Isn’t That Much Better than Yours

I know it’s mean and misogynistic to pick on female celebs’ body types, but I saw this picture on The Skinny Website (don’t even get me started), and I really felt a lot better about my body. So don’t think of this as my cattiness, think of it as your self-confidence boost for the day. I am just trying to help.

You know, people say she tries to stay out of the spotlight — she’s hawking a fashion line and getting into the hotel biz and not fucking every C-list scenester on the Sunset Strip (just the one) — but it’s not like this girl actually goes out of her way to avoid being in the public eye. I crossed paths with all 5-foot-absolutely-nothing of her at a party last year, and she posed for the cameras for a good solid fifteen minutes before grabbing her gift bag and heading back out the door. She could have afforded the swag on her own; she came to have her picture taken. She’s not trying that hard, people.

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  • I think teenagers shouldn’t be allowed here. They don’t have a clue about life, why are they trying to look smart?