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Rose McGowan

A New Look

Um … it took me awhile to believe the photo agency on this one, but, yes, that’s actually Rose McGowan, sporting an uncharacteristically … uh … librarian look at a...

Not So Goth

Rose McGowan shows off her girly side at Fendi’s redesigned store opening in LA. I think she looks cute as all hell. Love the hair, love the dress.

Grindhouse Was a House of Grind

Page Six Gestapo Sayeth: PRODUCTION of “Grindhouse,” the much-hyped Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriguez movie opening Friday, ground to a halt last year when Rodriguez fell for...

Late-Night Links

Those folks who took over Paris Hilton’s storage locker when she forgot to pay the monthly fee on it have finally released the info they found within. Among it: pictures of Paris...