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Boby Dylan painting sells for $200k

Bob Dylan is one of the biggest legends still living and creating today. He was such a fixture in the 60’s peace and love movement that his name is nearly synonymous with folk singing.

In 1969 Bob was recovering from a motorcycle accident and laid up in the icon town of Woodstock NY. He had just started working on his lifelong love of painting. And while there he ran into a mystic named Sandy LePanto who offered astrology readings in exchange for a piece he just completed.

That piece just sold at auction from a Dylan record sale price of $196,156.

“Sandy was not only one of the most beautiful women in Woodstock at a time when there were many; she was a mystic, a channeler, a reader of stars and maker of astrology charts for her friends,” says Anne Margaret Daniel, a literary scholar and historian who is writing a series of essays on Dylan, in the lot listing. “The old arts community of Woodstock worked on the barter system then, and to a degree still does today; people trading their expertise and creative output, rather than exchanging money.”

Since that fateful trade, the painting has remained with LePanto’s family. It was recently rediscovered in the estate of LePanto’s ex-husband, Anthony Lepanto.

I LOVE this piece. Love it.

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