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Vanna White’s big payday!

Vanna White has been turning letters on ABC’s Wheel of Fortune for 40 years! Now she’s getting her own fortune!

After word came out that host Pat Sajak was leaving the show, people began to speculate if Vanna was also going to cut and run. The answer is no.

According to TMZ – the first to report on the agreement – the deal is worth $100,000 per episode, well short of the projected $400,000 76-year-old Sajak is said to have taken home during the show’s inaugural season.

While a win for White – who reportedly has not received a raise in 18 years – talks remain stalled as to her payment for the actual show, which she helped put on the map back in 1982. Currently, she takes home $3 million – a fifth of what Sajak makes.

Good to know she’s at least getting some respect!