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Survey shows McConaughey would win Governor race in a landslide

Matthew McConaughey has teased repeatedly that he would consider getting into the political scene in his home state of Texas, but always came short of announcing a run.

Maybe these results will nudge him along.

The results of the poll show the current Governor, Greg Abbott, would seize up the republican vote with 56% of the Republican vote.  Though McConaughey nabs an impressive 30% of them.

As for the democrat vote, McConaughey gets a whopping 66% of the vote, with the incumbent Abbott getting on 8% of the vote.

Honestly, with numbers like those, whether Matt wants to run or not, I suspect the Texas dems wont take no for an answer.  No word from Matts camp on how he places to respond.

Polling and details provided by The Dallas Morning News and The University of Texas Tyler.