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Johnny Depp says new evidence proves his side of Amber Heard fight

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have had one of the most explosive divorces in the history of showbiz.  How explosive? There are currently three documentaries in the works covering the crazy, shit filled (literally) break-up.

Now Johnny says that new LAPD body cam footage supports his claims that Amber is lying about the blow out fight that ended everything.

Amber and her team have been very clear about when Depp hurled a phone at her face and trashed their penthouse kitchen during the notorious May 2016 breakdown.   She’s described a scene with wine sprayed on walls and glass candelabras smashed across the room.

But two of the cops on scene that night have given new depositions within the past month reiterating that they swept the $1.5 million property but didn’t see any injuries, vandalism or evidence of a crime.

Their body-worn devices reveal a tidy hallway leading to an elegant kitchen and living area adorned with ornaments, fresh flowers, piles of books, numerous candles and candelabras. (see below)

No word what this new evidence will mean for the pair, but for everyone’s sake, I hope it ends soon.