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Rob Lowe goes mini in Montecito

Okay, major asterisk to that “mini” part.  Just a month ago Rob convinced someone to pay $44.5 million for the home he and his wife shared in Montecito.   So when he turns around 3 weeks later and buys a $5.2 million place in the same neighborhood, you can kind of get away with calling it the tiny house.

Unlike the last house, which was 10,000+ square feet, this home is a mere (eye roll) 4,725 square feet in what they’re calling a “fixer upper”.

Honestly… if we pulled up to this place (below) you’d be hard-pressed to convince me someone famous lived there.  but don’t get it twisted, this is his circular driveway, not a culdesac.

4,257 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms  – Pool and big ocean views.