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Phil Collins wife claims he had a pill and showering problem

Honeslty I don’t enjoy helping spouses air the dirty laundry of their soon to be exes.  We’ll never really know who was the instigator over all and wa wa wa,.. here’s the tea…

Phil Collins’ ex-wife Orianne Cevey, 46, said she surrendered a $20m stake in her previous Miami home by getting a ‘quickie divorce’ from her previous husband, Charles Mejjati.

She picked out and jointly furnished the waterfront mansion, paid her share of the bills for five years and had an ‘oral co-habitation agreement’ with Collins who promised her a 50 per cent stake in their new home, according to a previous filing.  But she now says Collins is backing out of that deal.

She says in 2015 the two reconciled and she moved home with him and the kids.  Soon after she says he began abusing painkillers and stopped showing. Once for and entire year.

Collins began to smell and his ‘stench became so pervasive that he became a hermit, refusing to interact personally with any people’, Cevey claims.

But Phil Collins has genuine gripes of his own.  According to his filings, he went off to work in Switzerland back in 2016 and some how learned that Cevey had gone and married someone new!. Hows that possible?

What a mess.  The two are in mediation now while courts try to sort out who is due what.  Just a total mess.