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Movie Stars Who Battled Addiction

Drug addiction affects people from all walks of life. Lawyers, doctors, stay-at-home moms, students, performers, and athletes are all affected by addiction. Some people struggle with addiction for years silently. However, such people should know that they are not alone.

Some celebrities that have battled alcoholism or drug addiction have come out to speak about their struggles openly. This has sent a very strong message to individuals that think they are alone in their struggles with addiction.

When more stars help in normalizing the struggle with addiction, admitting that people need help becomes easier. The ordinary people stop feeling ashamed of their problem and, therefore, call Addiction Resource rehab numbers to seek help with addiction. The honesty of these celebrities underlies the truth that addiction does not discriminate. What’s more, people shouldn’t be ashamed of their struggles with addiction. Here are some of the movie stars that have battled with addiction.

Jessica Simpson

Since 2017, Jessica Simpson has managed to stay sober. She embarked on a sobriety journey after struggling with substance and alcohol abuse for years. Simpson wrote an Open Book memoir in 2020 in which she talks about her struggles with addiction. She tells the audience how she overcame addiction and started to heal from the trauma she endured as a child.

Simpson says that she was killing herself with pills and drinking. She decided to stop in 2017 and embarked on her recovery journey.

Ben Affleck

After battling alcoholism for years, Ben Affleck decided to call rehab. In 2001, he decided to seek help with his drinking problem. However, he reportedly struggles with gambling and alcohol addiction even to date.

But, this is understandable because research shows that recovery is a lifelong journey. Affleck says that he wanted to quit because he always regretted some of the things he did when drunk. Losing control or being obnoxious is funny. However, he says it’s like it hurts the feelings of a person. He notes that he fooled himself, wanted to kiss strangers and didn’t have inhibitions when drunk. And, that was dangerous for him.

Demi Moore

demi moore

Demi Moore witnessed the struggle with substance abuse from her parents since her childhood. And, she has also been in an on-and-off battle with addiction for decades. This is understandable because many people with addiction problems call rehab numbers several times seeking assistance. The star has been to rehab facilities several times.
First, he went to rehab in the 80s and later in 2012. It’s in her Inside Out memoir of 2019 where she opens up about her battles with addiction. Moore talks about her first instance of getting sober in 1985. This was in the cast of St. Elmo’s fire. She describes the experience as a divine intervention that provided something more meaningful than just shooting the film. It was an instance that allowed her to start finding some value for herself.

Dax Shepard

Some people can’t understand how an individual can abuse addictive substances to end up calling the national addiction hotline seeking assistance. But, people start by abusing addictive substances for fun before they take control of their lives.

Dax Shepard says that he just loved getting high. He could use cocaine, marijuana, opiates, alcohol, pain pills, diet pills, and anything else that could give him a euphoric feeling. But, he mostly loved cocaine and Jack Daniel’s.

In the Armchair Expert, an episode of his 2019 podcast, Shepard tells the audience more about his recovery journey. He says that the first thing is to acknowledge every day that a person is an addict. And, they should do this upon waking up. This should be followed by a reminder of the wrong things a person will do if they continue to use the addictive substance.

Brad Pitt

It was reported that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit split in 2016 following a fight they had in a private jet about Brad’s drinking. This report marked the turning point for Brad. This actor says that the episode made him realize that he had taken it too far. Therefore, he decided to remove his drinking privileges.

This breakup marked his beginning in Alcoholics Anonymous. Describing his experience with AA, Brad says that he could meet honest and open men in ways he never heard about. He describes the meetings as a safe space with little judgment from the others and to you.

Demi Lovato

The battle with addiction for Demi Lovato dates back to 2010. That’s when she first went into rehab. But, she has gone to rehab centers several times seeking help with cocaine addiction, self-harm, and an eating disorder.

In 2018, Demi Lovato was hospitalized after overdosing on drugs. After this incident, she released a statement noting that she had learned that the addiction illness doesn’t just disappear or fade over time. On the contrary, it’s something that she has to keep overcoming and she isn’t done yet.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry has always opened up about his battles with Vicodin addiction and alcoholism. He says that he didn’t intend o have a Vicodin addiction or alcoholism. The problem started when a doctor prescribed Vicodin for him after a Jet Ski accident. However, he started to like the feeling it gave him and he wanted to have more of it. Eventually, he lost control and started using it unhealthily.

Perry says that it felt scary and he wasn’t ready to die. However, he is grateful because it made him adamant about his efforts to become a better person.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy started struggling with addiction at the age of 13 years. But, he finally called an addiction number in 2003 and eventually entered the 12-step program. At this time, Tom was 25 years old. And, he has been sober since this time. He says that saying he was an alcoholic was hard for him. But, quitting is even harder.

The Bottom Line

The list of movie stars that have battled addiction is long. However, the fact that these stars have managed to battle drug addiction and alcoholism shows that anybody can do it. And, there is no reason to be ashamed of admitting the existing of a problem and seeking assistance.