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Information spread by celebs: benefits and dangers

In today’s world, it is impossible to deny the influence of celebrities on people’s daily lives. Because information dissemination is speedy at the moment, and not only among elites or elected people, it is also a danger. Currently, people are influenced not only by politicians or celebrities around the world but also by mini-celebrities. For example, local bloggers. These are the people who spread the information very quickly and, unfortunately, do not always check their accuracy. They are paid for the ad, and they do it without reading scientific sources.

It is difficult to underestimate the role of vaping in the consciousness of a modern man. This hobby is being promoted at the speed of light, reaching people of different ages, gender, and national categories. Moreover, bloggers are also the media of this hobby’s distribution. The main thesis of this spread is safety compared to smoking. When vaping devices have been invented, the purpose was to prevent the adverse effects of tobacco. However, researchers, unfortunately, now confirm that vaping is also dangerous.

Celebs in the Forefront of Vaping Popularity

At the speed of vaping’s popularity, manufacturers are investing in the development of the industry and seemingly incredible new products. For instance, dry herb vape tank, e nail, wax rig, or herb vape tank. The question of safety has been moved far away. People desire to be fashionable. They want entertainment and enjoyment. Therefore, the question is whether world-famous celebrities are vaping in order to pursue glory, get more hype, or to reduce health risks (they can be misinformed as well).

Both reasons are likely to be valid. And indeed, to start vaping is an excellent opportunity to promote oneself. Well, no such thing as bad press, right? Moreover, celebrities always only benefit from the fact that they say something about them. On the other hand, when you see that your friends and colleagues are using vaping devices, it is difficult to hold on to the general trend. Especially if you do not realize all the possible risks of this habit.

For example, Snoop Dogg started promoting vaping devices. Obviously, this brings in good revenue. He is now working with the manufacturers of these devices, and they have even released a device with a dry herb vaporizer tank. This is how the celebrity and the process itself are mutually promoted. In general, vape advertising is quite common among rap artists.

As for the other stars, many of them have confirmed in interviews that the initial goal of switching to smoking was to preserve their health. More specifically, to make it easier to give up smoking. As well-known people not only set trends but also have to follow them, they worry about how they look in public. Stars prefer to be shoot with a vaping device rather than a cigarette. After all, this is not surprising!

Katherine Heigl can serve as another example. She used to be recorded in public with vaping devices. Being fashionable, elegant, and trendy, she, no doubt, has influenced many people to start vaping. It can even be proved. In 2013, she participated in David Letterman’s late-night talk show. That was the time when she managed to make him try one of her e-cigarettes. Could you imagine how many people who watched the show, tried the e-cig as well?

“The Vaping Boss of Hollywood” is an example of the early switch to vaping. In case you did not know, this is the quote about Leonardo Di Caprio. He is famous for appearing in public places with e-cigarettes since 2009. As the photo of him vaping after bicycling could not have the ‘boom’ effect, the pieces of evidence of Leo vaping during the British Film Award show have made a significant effect on the public. The other day, he was seen vaping with Julia Louis Dreyfus while the recent Golden Globes.

Talking about the influence on younger people, we cannot help mentioning Robert Pattinson, the most adorable male actor among teens after his role in Twilight. In 2012, he was noted vaping before the Elle Women in Hollywood Awards ceremony. During the dinner, he offered Thurman to puff off his vaping device, which indicates a collective influence of the stars.


Johnny Depp has gone the farthest. There is no evidence it was his idea. Probably, that was The Tourist’s director and screenwriter Florian Graf Henckel von Donnersmarck’s idea. However, it is the fact that Frank Tupelo, the main hero played by Johnny, presents an e-cigarette to Elise Clifton-Ward, played by Angelina Jolie. By doing this, he introduced the idea of vaping to all those, who watched the film.

New Trends in Vaping

The Tourist was released ten years ago. It was the first unconscious advertisement of vaping by means of movies. However, the latest trends show that e-cigarettes are nothing like modern today. The thing that people are talking about is the best dry herb atomizer. For sure, the new world is changing the trends quickly. Nobody is interested in cig-a-likes anymore.

Medical marijuana and CBD products have become immensely popular. Vapers have also discovered that not only cannabis can be vaped. Hundreds of new herbs are available on the market. You just have to buy a dry herb tank for your vaping device, a filling (be it lavender, mint, chamomile, or whatever) and you have an opportunity to completely enjoy the new trend.

The Ugly Truth

The popularity of vaping during the recent decade has boosted the scientists to research this sphere of human activity. Unfortunately, the conclusions were not positive. The number of risks while vaping is terrible. The headlines state that vaping might be simply harmful, but even more dangerous than cigarettes. All these facts were proved by doctors and scientists.

The main problem remains the effect of vapor on the human respiratory system. During vaping (no matter of the substance being vaporized), a person inhales heated steam containing certain chemicals. They have been proven to contain heavy metals and carcinogens, which is no less dangerous than inhaling tobacco tars while smoking.

In addition, it is noted that the problem of addiction cannot be eliminated. After all, addiction is caused not by tobacco, but by the nicotine contained in the e juice as well. Even if a person uses a nicotine-free mixture, other health risks remain. In addition, the very habit of holding a cigarette or a mouthpiece in the mouth can also be addictive.

Today, in 2020, many of the celebrities have understood that vaping is a danger to humanity. Though it is difficult to admit the mistakes, some of them do. The government and public organizations try to prevent the spread of addiction among teens. Sometimes celebrities join in this fight.

For example, Moses Jones, an actor, and editor, known for Night School (2018), has delivered a speech in front of students to make them aware of the possible dangers of smoking, vaping, JUULing. It was not new to him, because being a teenager himself, he fought against second-hand smoking.

Therefore, being a celebrity means being responsible for your actions. You have to be ready that thousands of people can try to follow your trend and get into trouble. In case you made a mistake, admitting it will only make you a better person.