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Dolly Parton wigs? Take my money.

National Treasure, Dolly Parton, is some how JUST now getting around to cashing in on her second most famous asset. Her mile high wigs.  Dolly always said “Anywhere I hang my hair is home” and now it can be your home too!

“I’m going to do it. I’m going to get there,” the 73-year-old told Elle. “It’s one of my dreams — the makeup, hair, and wigs, clothes, all of that sort of thing.”

Synthetic hair has shot up in popularity since Dolly’s earlier years of fame. In the 80’s and 90’s people didn’t really want to admit to having extensions or full on wigs, but these days it’s so acceptable people swap them out mid event.

“I don’t always wear them in my daily life, but I always still poof up my hair,” she added. “I still like to have that flashy hair.”

And while she hasn’t revealed the name of the collection or when it might be available, the GRAMMY winner hopes her fans will love the wigs as much as she does.

She continued, “Wigs are just so handy. I’m so busy, and I have so many choices. I never have a bad hair day, and that’s a good thing.”