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Jay Z investing in compostable phone cases

This is pretty interesting.  We all know they trash is constant. I mean I complain constantly that every time I buy something I get twice as much packaging as I do product.  But then there’s the product itself and how often you replace that product.  I go through cell phone cases pretty regularly because they tend to be an inexpensive way to express myself.  So having those cases not contribute to the deluge of garbage we leave behind is a comfort.

Enter Hova. Jay Z has invested in Pela.  According to an investment newsletter, it’s a cell phone and sunglasses company that makes products that will breakdown over time when thrown away.  The problem is, currently, the designs are… undesigned. They’re essentially just solid color cases. And at an average of $40 a piece, they’re not making it easy on us to join in.

But if eco friendly products by millionaire hip hop artist are what gets you going, Pela is your jam. I love the slogan: “There is no Planet B”.