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Brando on Michael Jackson’s sex life; transcripts released

So way back in 1994 Michael Jackson was being heavily investigated for child molestation claims and Marlon Brando went to prosecutors to tell them of a conversation he had with the King of Pop about his childhood, his sexual orientation and a number of other things.

When the case went to trial, rather than put him before the grand jury, Lauren Weis and Bill Hodgman, the prosecutors presiding over the case, requested Marlon speak through a telephone call and detail everything discussed between the two mega stars.

It’s the transcript of that phone call that a podcast called “Telephone Stories: The Trials Of Michael Jackson” claims to have in their possession.

Weis is now a judge, and she reportedly verified the statement with the podcast’s creator, Brandon Ogborn. Ogborn said in an interview with The Times that the interview was all over the place, “meandering,” and “loosey-goosey,” claiming that Brandon would be “canceled” if he was around today.

So check out “Telephone Stories: The Trials of Michael Jackson” for more details. The show has already aired 12 of it’s 13 eps and the final, where the transcript will be read, is this Sunday!