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Billie Eilish slams Nylon Germany for topless cover pic

It comes as a shock to no one that 17 year old Billie Eilish isn’t afraid to speak her mind and stand up for herself.  She got to prove that this week when she was shown the cover of Nylon magazine’s German edition.

The cover (left) was a digital image of Billie herself as a robot android like thingy. She instantly took exception with a number of things.

She took to Instagram writing “what the fuck is this shit.    1. i was never approached by nylon about this piece whatsoever. i did not know it was happening nor did anyone on my team. 2. this is not even a real picture of me. i had absolutely no creative input.    3. youre gonna make a picture of me shirtless?? thats not real?? at 17? and make it the cover???? even if the picture was supposed to look like some robot version of me… i did not consent in any way,’ she continued.  4. ANNNDDD YOU’RE GONNA REMOVE ALL MY FUCKIN HAIR? booooooooooo to you.’

Seeming not detered, Nylon posted a rebuttal saying “For this cover, it was never our intention to create a look that is confusing or insulting to Billie Eilish,” the magazine wrote.

It was only ever our intention to honor Billie‘s impact and her work by creating this avatar which is part of a cover series highlighting the power of digital prodigy artists. This avatar is a piece of 3D artwork created in dedication to her achievements and the positive effect she has had on millions around the globe – including us.’

So I think what they’re saying is they consider this parody, which is legal, and Billie can go pound sand.