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‘Kids in America’ singer returns to music because of UFOs

“Kids in America” singer Kim Wilde said an encounter with a UFO in 2009 was one of the reasons she decided to return to music and make a comeback.

Wilde told the BBC after leaving the music business she got married and raised her children. However, two events pushed her to come back and give music a second chance.

Wilde claims she had an encounter with a UFO in 2009. She said she was sitting in the garden at her home with a glass of wine when she saw something.

“Then I looked up in the sky and saw this huge bright light behind a cloud. Brighter than the moon, but similar to the light from the moon,” she said.

“I said to my husband and my friend, ‘That’s really odd,’ so we walked down the grass and looked to see if there was any source. All of a sudden it moved, very quickly, from about 11 o’clock to 1 o’clock. Then it just did that, back and forth, for several minutes,” Wilde recalled.

“Whenever it moved, something shifted in the air — but it was silent. Absolutely silent.”

The singer said she thinks about the moment every day and it gave her an idea for her new album, “Here Comes the Aliens.”

She sings on the album that maybe the aliens will “save us from the apocalypse.”

“Perhaps that’s completely naïve,” she laughs. “Why wouldn’t they be angry with us and fling us off this beautiful Earth that we’re ruining? I can’t deny we haven’t been a terrible disappointment.”

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