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Matt Lauer still trying to have a hand in ‘Today’

Page six is reporting the disgraced “Today” show host has been firing off notes to producers from his sofa giving unsolicited feedback on the latest episodes.

Sources say Lauer — who was swiftly canned in November after being accused of inappropriate sexual conduct — recently sent a producer an email saying that he felt they had used the wrong music to kick off a segment.

Sources say Lauer’s missives have not been warmly received by “Today” staff.

An NBC spokesperson declined to comment.

We’re surprised that Lauer — between working on his marriage and his golf swing — has the desire to play “Today” critic.

While Lauer is fighting to save his 20-year marriage to Annette Roque, we reported that his long-suffering spouse has started meeting with lawyers.

And sources told us that after his unceremonious ouster, Lauer planned to lay low in at his considerable Hamptons estate and play golf.

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  • Lauer obviously still hasn’t figured out to tame his narcissistic and “A” type personality that got him publicly humiliated , fired and ruined his marriage……. he was so emboldened to think he was “special” and above the social norms that most men his age know. What an absolute idiot!! Maybe once his wife’s lawyers and the lawyers of the “victims” (pfffftt) take away half his $$$ , homes, and other assets and New Zealand seizes his property he will figure out he should just disappear.