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Arrest warrant issued for Rose McGowan over drug possession

An arrest warrant has been obtained for actress Rose McGowan for felony possession of a controlled substance.

The felony charge stems from a police investigation of personal belongings left behind on a United flight arriving at Washington Dulles International Airport on Jan. 20. Police say the items tested positive for narcotics. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department obtained the warrant on Feb. 1.

Police say they’ve attempted to contact McGowan so she can appear in a Loudoun County, Virginia, court. The warrant has been entered into a national law enforcement database.

McGowan has been one of the leading voices against sexual harassment in Hollywood, and tweeted earlier this month that she was raped by a man with the initials “HW.” The Hollywood Reporter said McGowan confirmed she was referring to disgraced media mogul Harvey Weinstein.

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  • Yeah, makes sense. Whenever I travel with drugs I leave that bag behind on the plane instead of taking it with me because I did not really want them after all.
    But wait, aren’t carry on bags checked BEFORE getting on the plane…not after you land!? So any problems with carry on items would have been found at departure airport NOT arrival airport.

    Everyone knows that with the fine work being done by the TSA it is impossible to get drugs onto a plane.

    This story is as likely as Hilary winning any election in the U.S.

  • Figures. Even in the nation’s capital the maid service is better at protecting us than the TSA. When Bush caved to the Dems and unions, creating the TSA could only be stupid. Then there is Homeland Security. A couple of poodles would be about as good.