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Ashlee Simpson’s lil’ Warhol party

So I love the idea here. The birthday party theme being Andy Warhol, pop artist of the ages. The guest list was family only, but you’re the Simpsons (Jessica & Ashlee) and the Ross’ (Tracee and Evan) so stars are just part of the drill.

How miserable is the guest sitting with Ashlee? LOL. I love it. No frontin’ here. The kid’s a kid and they’re not always thrilled. Super party, though.  And I love the banana’s and soup can cake. If those references are lost on you, hit up google – “Warhol Soup” or “Warhol banana”.  And read a book some time.

Btw, Spin art on old vinyl records is genius.  I’m totally doing that. Insta art.

Tracee Ellis Ross, you complete me.



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  • Umm, everyone has heard of the bananas and soup can Warhol stuff. That’s like making a Donald Trump reference and expecting people to not know who he is.