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Stephen Colbert brings animated Trump to Netflix

Comedy Central already has a decent Trump parody show already, so this isn’t as groundbreaking as the headlines make it seem.  Anywho…

Stephen Colbert, a fierce critic of Donald Trump, has sold a new animated series to Showtime that will feature the cartoon commander-in-chief who frequently appeared on his show during last year’s election campaign.

Colbert has teamed up with The Late Show show-runner, Chris Licht, on the project, which is currently slated for one 10-episode season set to air in the fall.

“I know a lot of people wanted to do this, and I’m honored that the Cartoon President invited our documentary crew into his private world,” Colbert said in a statement about the pick-up. “I’ve seen some of the footage, and I look forward to sharing the man behind the MAGA.”

The show will also feature animated versions of the president’s family members, featuring “truish adventures of Trump’s confidants and bon vivants – family, top associates, heads of government, golf pros and anyone else straying into his orbit”, while “intrepidly exploring their histories and their psyches, revealing insights into what makes them so definitively Trumpian”.



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