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OJ Parole Hearing is on. Laughter opens the proceedings

Within the first few minutes of OJ Simpson’s parole hearing today, there was laughter from all when the main parole leader woman mistakenly added 20 years to OJ’s age.

She said “Mr Simpson I see you recently turned 90 years old”, and caught her mistake, breaking down into laughter with the rest of the court.  So some levity in this maniacs not murder parole hearing. Ha ha ha! My Simpson, you kill me! Ha, I meant b/c of our jokes, not b/c you actually kill people.

Anyway, the decision will be posted the moment it’s in. I’m sure this is where you’ll go for breaking news.


OJ  just went into this whole thing about how things unfolded in the room and he said he didn’t pull a gun on anyone “I’ve never pulled a weapon on anyone! No one would ever accuse me of pulling a weapon on them either!”  um… right, b/c they’re dead! Why would you even open that can.

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