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Blue Ivy Makes Mama Beyonce Proud!

Blue Ivy took center stage this weekend at her ballet recital, and even provided an exclamation point with some spins she, no doubt, has seen mom pull off a few times.

The 5-year-old’s braids were flying Saturday during her school’s recital … where all the kids were clearly well-rehearsed, ’cause they nailed their routine to Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September.”

People are going to rag about how she’s in the center.  Two things. 1. she’s tallest. Just makes visual sense. And 2, she’s honestly seems to be better than the rest. Oh and 3, no one need the beyhive tearing down no children’s arts center. Think.


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  • Blue really was tacky dancing. She moved no better than the rest, so stop acting like she moved a mountain. They were to close together. The only difference in blue and the rest, beyonce can’t wait for the child hair to grow or she got the snbby, black hair like grand ma carter that want grow.

  • We don’t even know for sure she was in the middle, it’s just the angle of the camera. Maybe there are 10 other cute little girls on her right.

    • Exactly what I was thinking we have no idea how many kids were on stage? and why was she looking off stage so much? Probably being coached. Cute job by EVERYONE but nothing special

  • Blue is no better than the other girls… stop making her more than she is b/c of who her parents are. She was off beat, going the wrong way. give credit when its due and she didn’t do a good job.