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Pink Reveals Post-Baby Weight & Apparently She’s Obese


Pink has always been incredibly fit — anyone who’s seen any of her live performances, which are full of acrobatic work and hardcore tests of physical strength and endurance (and that’s not even including the actual “singing the songs” stamina), knows this. She just had her second child recently and like any woman, has been thinking about the idea of losing her post-baby weight and the pressure society puts on women to do so. Thankfully, she’s not bothered, but in a picture she posted to her Instagram page on Sunday, she pointed out just how messed up our ideals on health, fitness and beauty really are.

Would you believe I’m 160 pounds and 5’3″? By ‘regular standards’ that makes me obese. I know I’m not at my goal or anywhere near it after Baby 2 but dammit I don’t feel obese. The only thing I’m feeling is myself. Stay off that scale ladies! #feelingmyself #strongismygoal #bodygoals @msjeanettejenkins #happysaturday #getitin #GIJaneismyWCW

Yeah, okay – there’s literally no way in hell that Pink is obese or even overweight. She’s solid as hell, super strong and healthy. And yet, if you go by the arbitrary BMI standards, she’s supposed to be ashamed of that? Hell, no.

Bottom line is, society’s bullshit standards need to GTFO and Pink is awesome. The end.

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  • With a BMI of 28.4 based on the metrics above, technically she is overweight but not obese. To have a normal BMI, she would have to weigh 140. I agree that she looks great. I’m just pointing out that obese has a specific definition and she does not meet it.