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Chris Rock & Dave Chappelle Surprise Duet

Fans of comedy got a real treat Saturday night (March 25) as Chris Rock was unexpectedly joined by Dave Chappelle.

The set was a raunchy rendition of the kind of comedy. The pair were preceded by Eric Andre and Jeff Ross, two headliners in their own right.

Chappelle reportedly tried to stay away from some of the more controversial jokes presented in his recently released Netflix specials, instead deciding to poke fun at the Zika virus, Caitlyn Jenner and Amish people. He did address the controversy however.

“Coming after me for feminist issues is a waste of time,” he told the audience, “You know what the feminist movement needs? A male leader.”

When on-stage together, Rock and Chappelle joked about Donald Trump and his failed health care bill, Michael Jackson and Chappelle’s wife.

Cell phones were forbidden, however a pic of Ross, Chappelle, Andre and Rock, among others, was taken at the venue. Check out that legendary photo below.


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