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Emma Watson Wants The Beyhive To Let Her Live

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In case you have a life and haven’t really been paying attention, Emma Watson has been at the epicenter of a whole bit of messy drama lately that is pointless, nonsensical, and just ridiculous. Here’s the deal: Emma is starring in the new live-action Beauty & The Beast (which looks like shit but I’ll see anyway for the pure nostalgia factor alone) and she’s been doing some press because of it. One of those pieces of press was a Vanity Fair cover story and photo shoot. Some of the photos in the magazine feature a scantily clad – nay, topless with only a crocheted shawl over her shoulders – Emma Watson, which is kinda no biggie, right? Wrong.

Here’s the “problem”: Emma Watson is a vocal feminist, and some people thought it was kinda messed up that she got her titties out when a few years ago, she “attacked” Beyonce for doing a nude photoshoot. Of course the Beyhive went for her over this and started harassing her and no doubt sending her death threats despite never having read her initial comments about Beyonce and also despite the fact that any comments she DID make were made several years ago and considering the fact that Emma Watson is only 26 now, chances are she’s done some serious evolving of her feminist politics/ideals and some general growing up in the interim between the interview and today.

Of course, that’s not to excuse Emma Watson – I don’t actually like her very much and I think she, like many rich white women, could use a few lessons on intersectional feminism. Nevertheless, I do think we need to cut her some slack here, especially since she straight up said in the interview in question that she’s unsure of her feelings on certain elements of feminism and is still learning/forming her ideals.

Here’s the interview in question:

I don’t even think she was attacking Bey here? Of course, the person who started the hub bub was none other than walking shitstain Piers Morgan, so I suppose it’s no surprise that he’s made a big deal over pretty much nothing.

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  • This is feminism women attacking women over a perceived slight against someone who sits back and lets her minions bully someone? #TRUMPSAMERICA