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Idris Elba Auctioning of HIMSELF! 2017-01-12 14-38-12

I need to be as clear as I can be. Idris Elba IS PERFECTION.  The man is class, charm and looks all rolled into one. I WANT this dinner date.

Idris Elba is auctioning off an opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime private date with him.

“That’s right love, just you and me. No one else around. Just us,” he promises in an advertisement for the auction.

The fundraising campaign is put on by Omaze and proceeds go to the WE (Women Everywhere) Can Lead organization, which aims to ensure women across Africa receive quality education.

The more donations a person makes, the higher the chances of landing a date with the British hunk.

Winners will receive travel and four-star hotel accommodations, plus dinner with Elba which is promised to be “the most delicious meal of your life.”

“And once we’re feeling comfortable we can order whatever your heart desires,” he adds looking into the camera. “Maybe some truffles. Perhaps some steak… pepper soup and fufu… and you pound the yams. And you know what? I’ll let you pound my yams.”