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Mariah Carey Grocery Shops – Just Like You!!


I find these images that Mariah Carey was so proud of she posted multiple versions of the experience on her social media – because all she’s doing is the menial task we all know far too well – Grocery Shopping.

Clearly, Whole Foods paid for this, or maybe she’s just trying to rebrand herself as a high maintenance narcissist with the voice of an angel, who really loves showcasing her cleavage, as a mom, a normal mom. Even though she’s likely got hired chefs cooking the food and assistants to buy the food, and in her lifetime, at least as a celebrity, she’s likely only been in a grocery this one time since becoming famous 2 decades ago. So I guess it’s a big deal worth celebrating, but more importantly, it’s a great way to connect to people and pretend to be normal…when she is in fact Mariah Carey. So over the top, the same woman who had matching Yachts with her last Fiance.

You know disgustingly rich, shameless, vapid and materialistic. I don’t believe anything sincere is going on in this. Do you?

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