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NBC cancels Brangelina breakup special 2016-09-29 10-22-18

I’m not sure what NBC was thinking to begin with.  I mean I am a Brangelina worshiper, but you can’t tell me anything I don’t already know, b/c there’s very little to know!

So NBC was going to do a 1 hour special about the break-up of the decade, until at the very last minute they pulled the story, fearing they’d piss the power couple off and get frozen out of any sit downs.  But do we really think either of them are going to sit down and discuss this? I mean it took years to get them to even say Jen’s name and I respect the fact that they wont talk to the press.

“The special was canceled at the last minute — the show had already booked talking heads, hair and makeup, B-roll .?.?. Staffers were working to slam it all together,” a source on the project said. “Now they’re all like, ‘F?-?-?k! We just did all this work for nothing?’”

Peacock’s credits have included specials on Adele, Whitney Houston and Osama bin Laden for NBC and associated channels such as MSNBC, TLC, Lifetime and Discovery.




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  • There are so many things that would be very interesting to know; like who actually called the DCFS about the alleged abuse. Was it one of the nannies, one of the flight crew, one of the kids or Mrs. Pitt herself. It would also be very interesting to know who recorded the altercation. It would also be very interesting to know why Mr. Pitt has not seen his children. He has not been charged with a crime and enjoys legal custody of his children along with his estranged wife – he has every legal right to see them. All in all, the 14 hour flight from France to the US sounds like the perfect trip from Hell. I can’t imagine being in close quarters, for 14 hours with a raging drunk man. It also had to be pretty intense for a 15 year old kid to try to intervene on behalf of his mother. As for Mrs. Pitt renting a place for them to live after they landed, she had to have known that they would be returning to the US and staying under one roof, given the level of hostilities would be about as pleasant as getting a root canal without novocaine.

    • you really think you would learn any or all of those things? From who? “A Source” Any and all info would be coming from some gutless person that doesn’t have the stones to put their name to it but sure as hell will have their hand out looking for a big pay day. I say the policy should be No money if you aren’t willing to tell your name and relationship to the person or people you are ratting on.