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Chris Brown In A Standoff With Police Over Allegedly Pulling A Gun On A Woman

chris brown

If you forgot about walking dumpster Chris Brown, surprise! He’s still alive and kicking and acting like complete and utter dickhead! Turns out, he’s been in a standoff with police since roughly 3am PST on Tuesday morning after allegedly pulling a gun on a woman. Chris has barricaded himself in his Los Angeles “palace” (his word) while the police wait outside for a search warrant to arrive. Meanwhile, Chris has been posting angry Snapchats and Instagram videos ranting at the police, whom he invites to “suck a fart out [his] ass” because they’re always messing with poor, innocent him.

The woman in question is former Miss California Regional Baylee Curran, who apparently went to Chris’ house with a friend (and wasn’t directly invited). While there, she apparently admired some of his jewelry a little too much (???) and he pulled a gun on her. She told TMZ Live that his people “wouldn’t let her take her cell phone until she signed a non-disclosure agreement” and she refused and ran out of the house before contacting police.

If you’d like to see what this asshole was saying on social media about the incident, here’s your daily dose of class:

I knew Chris was a human shitstain, but WTF happened to him? It seems like he’s fallen even farther then before (if that was possible). Oh, and he also apparently threw a bag of drugs and guns out the window a few hours ago as well, telling police to come and get him. Joy!