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Bella Thorne “Comes out” in Chillest Way Ever

Disney beauty, Bella Thorne, 18, just came out as bi-sexual on her twitter account.  Thorne had posted a photo of herself kissing a girl on her snapchat the previous day, which was the reason it even came up.


Snapchat @Bellathornedab

You might think the idea of stars coming out as being either gay or bi is pretty unnecessary these days, but it really does serve a desperate need.  Teens all over the world are still being given the impression being gay isn’t “normal” or bad some how. And seeing people they idolize reflect their own inner selves can often mean the difference between life or death.  In the very least it means a teen questioning their sexuality doesn’t feel alone.

So that’s why Bella Thorne’s recent admission that she’s bi-sexual is important.

This is why it’s awesome.

When asked if she was “bi” on twitter, Thorne employed the passive calmness of an aged Buddhist, and replied, “Yes”.   Her candor was met with hundreds of tweets of support.  Bravo, Bella.


Twitter @Bellathorne





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