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Mariah Pops a Vein When Fiance Plays Beyonce 2016-08-23 10-42-15

Aussie media outlet is keeping the diva flames lit, when it comes to Mariah.  Turns out that even when she’s not sought after by the public, she still acts like a class A bitch.  I mean, if you believe what the reports say.

According to The Fix, an insider has revealed that last month, James had attempted to get Mariah in the love-making mood by turning on Beyonce’s smash hit ‘Crazy in Love’.  What are you mad, man?   Word is Mimi grabbed the laptop playing the offensive hit and threw it out the window.  Then ran screaming from the room.

Now, before you go thinking that sounds too ridiculous to be true, you should know that Nick Cannon has said before that she like her own music played while the two had sex. Which is already a little weird to me. Add to that an ongoing reputation for being difficult and a simple computer trashing seems almost boringly true.