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Courtney Stodden Shaves Her Head To Commemorate Miscarriage

courtney stodden

I was as shocked as anyone when Courtney Stodden announced a while back that she was expecting her first child with husband Doug Hutchison. I was super disheartened when they got back together because I thought she was finally going to get away from him and try to heal from some of the weird shit she’d been through and maybe start to lead a somewhat normal life. That hasn’t happened, and sadly, neither is a baby now. Courtney miscarried recently, and now she’s decided to shave her head in commemoration of the loss.

Courtney announced the miscarriage via Instagram a couple of weeks ago, as you do, with the following image:

Since then, she’s continued to post her sexy selfies, along with photos of herself having some drinks, a few inspirational sayings, etc. However, now she’s officially ready to start a “new chapter” of her life and to move on from the recent trauma, she’s decided to shave her head:

I… don’t really know what to think of any of this. Part of me feels like things happen for a reason and she wasn’t meant to have this child, but let’s be real – these are “celebs” or at the very least, people we don’t know, so it’s not for me to say whether or not she’s ready to be a mother. Either way, I hope she’s okay – Courtney seemed really sweet and genuine when she did Celebrity Big Brother in the UK a couple of years ago and I’ve been rooting for her ever since.

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