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US Olympic Basketball Team Staying on Yacht in Rio

Actually, yachts an understatement. It’s a cruise ship, to be specific.

While the rest of the US athletes are left navigating the yet completed Olympic Village, the millionaire filled US Men’s basketball team is enjoying a luxury cruise ship, moored on the Port of Rio. None of which should shock anyone familiar with US pro sports players. 2016-08-03 12-26-07

The provided photos of the 196′ ship, which became a temporary home to players like Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving.  Meanwhile, back in the village, Mavericks player Andrew Bogut is slumming it with his fellow Australians in what sounds like unfinished accommodations.  Bogut posted a photo of himself putting together his own shower curtain on twitter. 2016-08-03 12-23-38

Australian Olympic Team’s chef de mission Kitty Chiller made light of the 31-year-old athlete’s tongue-in-cheek complaints.  ‘I think he’s the best man to fix the shower curtain because he’s exactly the right height, and I’m going to call on him to come to my room straight after this press conference,’ she said. Adding, “He’s got a big bed. He has a lovely mosquito net over it as well. He’s like a princess in his bed.”