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Patton Oswalt Opens up about Wife’s Death 2016-08-03 11-42-33

Patton Oswalt with wife Michelle McNamara

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt posted a very personal and emotional letter on his facebook, three months after his wife, crime writer Michelle McNamara, died in her sleep on April 21.

Patton, who has openly suffered from depression for decades, opened the letter by noting how his grief made his depression seem so small. And how for the last 102 days he’s been able to focus only on the loss of his wife. Who’s actual cause of death has never been released.

“I was face-down and frozen for weeks”, he said. “Any spare energy I’ve managed to summon since April 21st I’ve put toward finishing Michelle’s book.”  Oswalt says he is dedicated to completing his wife’s last book, titled “The Golden State Killer”, with the help of publishers who knew McNamara’s voice and could accurately close out her remaining novel.

Oswalt closed out his letter promising “I’ll start being funny again soon. What other choice do I have?”.  The confessional has been “liked” 148,000 times and counting.  Hope you find peace, Patton. You’re a real talent.