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Hiddleswift Are Moving A Bit Quickly, No?

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I’m not particularly surprised that the Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston relationship is moving at the speed of light. While everyone has said how disappointed they are in Tom and how they expected more, I really didn’t know jack shit about him to put him in such a lofty position, so to me this is just another Swift non-romance that’ll be over in a couple of months. They basically went from staged “paparazzi” photos on a Rhode Island rock to meeting each other’s parents in the span of two weeks, and now apparently they’re head over heels in love. LOL!

From People:

“They have fallen for each other very quickly,” says the source. “They’re very close for people who have only been dating for a couple of weeks.”

Indeed, a Hiddleston family source told PEOPLE the actor’s mom couldn’t stop gushing about Swift after spending the weekend with her.

“She thinks Taylor is the loveliest,” says the family source. “She was so happy to meet her. Taylor was almost immediately part of the family.”

I mean… I really honestly don’t know what to make of this pair. Obviously it’s some bizarre other-worldly arrangement that I can’t even begin to wrap my head around. It seems pretty clear that Taylor cheated on Calvin Harris (not that he hadn’t cheated on her multiple times before) with Tom after they met at the Met Gala and so now they’re posturing it as some fateful, true love type meeting? Why Tom Hiddleston? Who decided to interview him for the position? Nothing makes sense!!

What do you make of them?

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  • The queen of high school romance has strikes again. T Swift is just biding her time til her quarterback breaks up with the head cheer leader

  • I refuse to believe this is true. It can’t be. Hiddleston is a serious actor and by behaving like this, he is screwing his career in the butt. It doesn’t make sense and I hate that I’m getting all wound up over this but it’s just that my brain wants a rational answer; what’s going on? Are they really that crazy in love? Is the guy that played Loki not as smart as I want him to be? Am I just really mean for thinking that? Or are we just ridiculously stupid and falling into some art-joke-thing that’s happening? Read some theory about a new video. Made sense but if that’s not true, well, then –> So. Many. Questions.