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Amber Heard’s Lawyer Releases Statement About Johnny Depp Abuse Allegations

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I’ll be honest with you — I’ve been trying to avoid reading the comments section of any article about the Amber Heard and Johnny Depp relationship, divorce, and abuse allegations because people are fucking terrible. Claiming that Amber is lying because she’s a “gold digging bitch” who just wants to destroy his career. I love that literally all a dude has to say is “Nah, I didn’t do it” and everyone believes him, but a woman basically has to produces endless proverbial receipts to get anyone to even listen to her and she’s STILL called a lying, manipulative bitch who just wants to bring a good man down. It’s depressing, upsetting and a perfect example of why so many women remain silent about living through abusive situations.

But anyway, since Johnny had his lawyer put out a dismissive ass statement last week about how his marriage lasted so little time that he wasn’t really interested in talking or thinking about it, Amber’s lawyers Samantha F. Spector and co-counsel Joseph P. Koenig released their own statement on Amber’s behalf on Monday morning.

Here it is — and fair warning, it’s pretty lengthy:

“As the result of Amber’s decision to decline giving an initial statement to the LAPD, her silence has been used against her by Johnny’s team. Amber did not provide a statement to the LAPD in an attempt to protect her privacy and Johnny’s career. Johnny’s team has forced Amber to give a statement to the LAPD to set the record straight as to the true facts, as she cannot continue to leave herself open to the vicious false and malicious allegations that have infected the media. Amber has suffered through years of physical and psychological abuse at the hands of Johnny,” the statement, provided to Just Jared, began.

“In domestic violence cases, it is not unusual for the perpetrator’s playbook to include miscasting the victim as the villain,” the statement continued. “In reality, Amber acted no differently than many victims of domestic violence, who think first of the harm that might come to the abuser, rather than the abuse they have already suffered. Amber can no longer endure the relentless attacks and outright lies launched against her character in the Court of Public Opinion since the tragic events of May 21st. With her statement Amber hopes to give the LAPD the opportunity to conduct an accurate and complete investigation into the events of that evening and before. If that occurs, and the truth is revealed, there is no doubt that Amber’s claims will be substantiated beyond any doubt, and hopefully Johnny will get the help that he so desperately needs.”

From the beginning it has been Amber’s desire to keep this matter as private as possible, even though LAPD officers responded to a 911 call made by a third-party. The LAPD officers viewed not only the disarray that Johnny had caused in the apartment but also the physical injuries to Amber’s face. We filed the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage at the very end of the day on Monday May 23rd and we did not serve Johnny with the Petition at the premiere of Alice Through the Looking Glass that evening. We sent a letter to Johnny’s counsel team the next morning making it clear we wanted to keep this matter out of the media. We then held off requesting a domestic violence restraining order as we knew that Johnny was out of the country.

We took the high road. Unfortunately, Johnny’s team immediately went to the press and began viciously attacking Amber’s character. Amber is simply a victim of domestic violence, and none of her actions are motivated by money. Amber is a brave and financially independent woman who is showing the courage of her convictions by doing the right thing against Johnny’s relentless army of lawyers and surrogates.

The Family Law Court is not going to be influenced by misinformation placed in the social media based on anonymous sources. Amber is the victim. Amber is a hero.”

Sorry, but I’ll never feel bad for being on the side of the victim who makes an accusation. Yes, “innocent until proven guilty” in a court of law, but in life, the percentage of women who lie about abuse just to take a guy down is literally minuscule to the point of almost not even being worth mentioning. Johnny is a drunk and a drug addict who certainly has showed a violent side in the past, whether or not he actually followed through on hitting women (and if he did, that certainly doesn’t mean they’d come forward about it for many of the reasons Amber’s facing now) and I don’t for one second think she’s lying.

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  • Having been a victim of completely fabricated claims of abuse of my niece by her parents purely as revenge for calling the police when they were abusing another niece, I KNOW what it feels like to be dragged through the mud on false allegations. It was expensive to fight it too. Even after being cleared, my accusers walked without penalty. My gut says Depp is every bit as guilty as Heard claims but having been down that road, it feels VERY unfair and helpless to be accused of guilt when you’ve done no wrong. The lawyers will be the only real winners.