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Johnny Depp Heads To Washington D.C. For Atheist Conference

Johnny Depp seems like a somewhat reasonable guy, save for the homeless chic fashion sense and several questionable movie roles. Anyway, it’s no surprise that he’s an atheist, but apparently that’s a topic he feels so strongly about, Depp’s going all the way to Washington D.C. to talk about just that, along with some of his fellow (albeit less famous) celebrities at the Reason Rally.

Depp, who once said “religion is not my specialty,” is one of the scheduled speakers at the Reason Rally, a project of seven national atheist, humanist and other secularist organizations slated for June 4. Other speakers include television personality Bill Nye, scientists Lawrence Krauss and Carolyn Porco, comedians Margaret Cho and Julia Sweeney and musicians Killah Priest and Mark White of the Spin Doctors.

“Up until now, for a celebrity, politician or athlete to identify as openly nonreligious has been regarded as career suicide,” said Lyz Liddell, the Reason Rally’s executive director. “The fact that these big, mainstream names are beginning to openly support our work and become involved in our community means that the entire cultural attitude towards nonreligious Americans is shifting towards acceptance and inclusion — and that’s wonderful!

This event sounds… interesting, to say the least – especially since one of the sponsors of the event is Richard Dawkins’ foundation. Ugh.  Ah, to be a fly on the wall at the Reason Rally!

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