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Taylor Swift Throws $250,000 At Kesha After Being Called Out On Twitter

We all know Taylor Swift likes to act the part of the high and mighty, and has made seemingly endless comments/bullshit speeches about what a feminist she is, despite all evidence to the contrary. It’s no surprise, then, that she got called out on Twitter over the weekend for not speaking out in support of Kesha during her terrible ordeal at the hands of Sony Music and Dr. Luke. Instead, she took to Twitter to promote her new single and stayed mum on Kesha’s very real problem even while plenty of other celebs were happy to chime in… that is, until today.

Taylor doesn’t give a rat’s ass about real feminism if it doesn’t benefit her, so she did what anyone would do: threw $250,000 Kesha’s way as a form of support during her “trying time.” Taylor hopes that the cash will help Kesha pay her legal fees and help meet her other “financial needs” for a while. This, according to Taylor’s reps, though the artist herself has still said absolutely nothing about the situation.

“In a show of support, Taylor Swift has donated $250,000 to Kesha to help with any of her financial needs during this trying time,” a spokesperson for Swift wrote in a statement.

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned, it’s that all problems on this planet can be solved by throwing money at it. Now Taylor probably thinks she’s beyond reproach in this situation, but it actually only serves to make her look even shittier and out of touch.

This whole story just reeks of ick factor and makes me dislike Taylor even more.

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  • Who ever wrote this junk is just a bitch! Nobody has to give anything to anybody in this world, whether you are rich or not! I wish I were Taylor Swift.

  • This just feels catty and petty. It is interesting that you are calling out Taylor is such a mean and aggressive way for supposedly not supporting women enough. Pot meet kettle. Why does Taylor need to comment on every issue that impacts women?

    • No one’s saying that she needs to comment on every issue, nor that the money won’t come in handy. It’s that Taylor’s response to being called out is to throw money at something and make it go away. Now, that makes her above reproach for not putting her money where her mouth is metaphorically speaking when it comes to being some outspoken feminist. No one’s saying tweets are going to save the world – what I’m saying is that throwing $250k at another artist days after you were called out for staying silent on such a massively important issue is a half-assed effort to save face while still remaining totally neutral/the industry darling. If her PR people release a statement saying Taylor hopes the money helps Kesha but Taylor herself says nothing to call out the industry or Dr. Luke, then there are no consequences for her. THAT is the problem. The fact that the money will actually help Kesha’s legal bills is the one positive thing.

    • Also, it’s not “catty” to call out a fellow woman for doing something shitty. Supporting other women doesn’t mean you have to blow smoke up their asses 24/7 for the sake of being “pro-female”.

  • This is so ugly and petty… What happened to the EBG I have read for almost ten years? Actions speak louder than words. Taylor Swift donating money to cover lawyer bills and household bills as well as any other expenses Kesha might incur (seeing as, you know, she can’t work) is worth more than any fucking hashtag or tweet. Shame on you for this divisive, ugly, unnecessary post.

  • Isn’t Taylor Swift’s label also RCA which is owned by Sony? Maybe giving money to the cause is her way to support Kesha without hurting her own contract interests…

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that kinda what Jennifer is saying? without actually saying it. It’s easier to sit on the side lines and give some money than it is to call out people that helped make you rich?

      • Its not really an who “helped make her rich” thing as an “she still is under contract with them” thing. You don’t bite the hand that’s currently feeding you. Contractually speaking she may not be able to speak out against her employer without repercussions.

  • Ya well TS is willing to stand and deliver on so many things in the girl/woman power thing but when it comes to stepping up and speaking out when she has something on the line she did what any rich person would do give something that won’t cost her a thing. Besides what is her label going to do drop her? Lol she’s their “cash cow” and I know she’s not a cow it’s just a thing