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Kesha Denied Release From Sony Contract

You guys, my girl Kesha is facing some hard times right now. After filing a lawsuit against product Dr. Luke for sexual, emotional, and mental abuse during their years of working together, she also filed a suit against her label, Sony, begging for release from her recording contract so she can get back to making music freely. On Friday morning, she faced a Los Angeles judge to have the case heard, and unfortunately, the outcome did not work out in her favor. Kesha was denied release from her Sony contract and basically told to just buck up and get on with things. Ain’t that some serious bullshit?

From TMZ:

She had sought an injunction allowing her to make an album outside of Sony, but the judge shot that down Friday morning … saying she can work with a different producer under the Sony umbrella.

Kesha’s attorneys say they’re worried Sony will blackball her if she refuses to work with Luke.

To be honest, I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Kesha will try to work with another producer, the label will claim that the songs aren’t hit material and refuse to release the album, and she’ll be perpetually unable to complete the terms of her contract and therefore unable to release new music. What a shitty ass situation. Glad to see, yet again, that corporations matter more than individuals even in the entertainment business!

Dr. Luke wasn’t in the courtroom, and there has been no answer to his lawsuit thus far (his counter-suit for defamation against her was thankfully thrown out by a judge with some common fucking sense), but needless to say, this is a really shitty situation for Kesha. Let’s hope her lawyers manage to find a way for her to get out of this so she can get back to building her career.

For the record, this isn’t a final verdict just yet, but it’s not looking good for her.

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  • So, wheres all this evidence that Dr Luke raped her? Oh, there isnt any. So this is just Kesha trying to get out of her contract so she can sign with a new label and get a big chunk of change out of it.