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Louis Tomlinson Welcomes Son, Forks Over $3 Million In Child Support

Back in July, One Direction member Louis Tomlinson revealed that he knocked up some girl he’d been casually banging in LA named Briana Jungwirth. Their baby has finally been born, and Louis is now the proud father of a little boy! Take a second to say “AWWW!” and then get ready for this: Louis and Briana aren’t a couple, but that’s OK, because that baby will certainly be taken care of. Child support has just been agreed upon, and the amount of money coming out of Louis’ pocket isn’t a small amount.

According to The Sun, Louis will be paying close to £10,000 (that’s over $14,000) a month in child support to Briana. Because, you know, it definitely takes $14k a month to raise a child. But that’s not all! He’s also paying for a four-bedroom house that’s nearly $6k a month to rent in Calabasas, California. Yippee!

To be honest, it’s good to see that he’s taking responsibility for his, well, lack of responsibility by actually paying out. I think it’s pretty ridiculous that someone would need $14k a month IN ADDITION TO HOUSING to raise a baby, but then again, he’s filthy rich and can affford it, but that’s besides the point.

So I guess a Congrats/I’m sorry is in order here? And yay, babies?

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