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Kate Winslet Begs The Academy To Give Leo His Damn Oscar Already

There aren’t many Hollywood stars I’d listen to about, well, anything. Most of them talk so much shit they need Imodium, but Kate Winslet is not one of them. No, I trust Kate implicitly (well… except for that whole “it’s tacky for women to demand equal pay” lark — that, I’ll fight her on). Not only is she a tremendously talented actress with an Oscar of her own, but she’s also Leonardo DiCaprio‘s BFF, so if there’s anyone in a position to say that Leo needs his own award from the Academy, it’s her, right?

You see, Leo’s been getting perhaps more buzz than ever before for his role in The Revenant, and having seen the movie and totally loving it, I kinda agree with many who say that if he doesn’t win this time, he might as well throw in the towel and realize he’s never going to get one of those gold statues in this lifetime. Kate’s in Leo’s corner in this one, and she really, REALLY wants him to win (even if she does feel bad for rooting against her Jobs co-star Michael Fassbender).

“I think you can sort of feel it, and I think that everyone wants it for him. It would be amazing.”

“It’s slightly difficult for me too, because Michael Fassbender has been nominated, and I was his right-hand woman for three months while we were making Steve Jobs and I saw how hard he worked. I think his performance is so extraordinary. But I think yeah, you can sort of feel the temperature. It’s probably going to be Leo’s year.”

Admittedly, I haven’t watched Jobs (zero interest), but Fassbender does not deserve an Oscar. Sorry, but nope. Obviously I’m not the one deciding who gets it either way, but they need to hook Leo up this year. The poor guy has been salivating over this thing for years.