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What The Hell Is Wrong With Will Forte?

Look, I love Will Forte as much as the next person (which… I guess is a moderate amount?). I think he’s funny and I’ve enjoyed him ever since his time on Saturday Night Live. Admittedly, I haven’t paid any attention to his sitcom Last Man On Earth and don’t think I ever will, but I’m pleased that he’s made it work and that the show has been a modest success. What I am not pleased about, however, is how he turned up to the FOX All-Star party at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena, California on Friday night with half his head shaved. WHY, GOD, WHY?

Is this “funny”? Uh… no. There’s nothing amusing about it in the slightest. It’s a high school level prank that’s meant to cause uproar but if anything, it just infuriates me because I don’t understand it and I don’t like it. His co-star Mel Rodriguez did the same, but since he’s already bald and only has a mustache, it wasn’t nearly as obvious. For Will, this is just the worst. Neither side of him looks OK. The bald side is as disturbing as the mountain man side. Why is he doing this to us?!

I don’t know, perhaps this is a weird promo for his show, or a foreshadowing of some weird plotline to come (like I said, I’ve never watched, so I have no idea). All I do know is that I’m horrified by this and I don’t like it one bit. Make it stop! Burn it with fire!

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  • I LOVE the show!! It’s lighthearted post apocalypse humor. Not easy to find. Can’t wait for it to come on again and relax unless you are severely ocd it shouldn’t bother you that much