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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Reaction To Lady Gaga’s Golden Globe Win Meant Literally Nothing

Everyone knows the Golden Globes suck ass (as do the Emmys, the MTV Movie/Music Video Awards, the Grammys, and basically every other awards show celebrities seem to be turning up to out of obligation rather than desire), but there were a few highlights during last night’s ceremony. For one thing, Leonardo DiCaprio finally won a damn award, this time for his performance in The Revenant (which was really, really good, by the way). But perhaps even bigger news was the hubbub that arose when Lady Gaga won for her role on American Horror Story, passing Leo’s chair and causing him to make a face that’s been interpreted to high heavens despite it being literally no big deal.

If you live under some giant boulder and somehow missed this, have a look for yourself:

Many people tried to claim that Leo made that face because he and Gaga are “feuding”, never mind the fact that they’ve likely never met and wouldn’t run in the same circles in any way, shape, or form. Other people just thought it was hilarious, which… I mean, I guess? If your bar of what’s funny is set pretty low, I guess looking surprised because someone bumped your chair will elicit a belly laugh or whatever.

Such was the chatter about this non-event that Leo felt the need to speak out about it, telling Entertainment Tonight, “Oh lord – that’s trending, huh? I just didn’t know what was passing me, that’s all.”

That’s all, indeed. Can we please stop the bullshit now?

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    • I just wonder why he had to say “I didn’t know what was passing me.” He definitely knew it was a person…and I’m pretty sure he knew it was her. Her name was just announced as winner, right?

      • I agree with you as well! but tbh no one can really know besides leo himself.

        There are some possibilities here:

        1. He honestly didn’t know gaga had just won as he was talking to the person in front of him (as seen in the video) so he was surprised and his reaction was genuine.

        2. He knew gaga had won and she would go to the stage, but he didn’t know where gaga was seating and that she would take the route that she took to the stage. So again, accident.

        3. He knew, his reaction was on purpose, which would be lame of him.

        Also there is the other side of the story too!

        1. Gaga purposefully placed her hand on leo’s chair and arm bc ??? idk

        2. She was overwhelmed that she had won and she mean to put her hand there

        3. She was rocking her WTF fashion of 30inch heels and was about to fall so she put her hand there for support

        I don’t think they are “feuding” I find the whole thing super funny and entertaining xD

        Reminds me of the VS fashion show where Ariana Grande was smacked by a wing and her face after was so priceless xD

  • Well, when I look at it like that…I see your point! :) I would like to think that Mr. DiCaprio wouldn’t be like that. I guess I was just reading into the hype that I’d read about on all of the gossip sites! Thanks for you view, you have restored my faith in Leo! Congratulations to them both!
    P.S. I heard Revenant is a must see! Have you seen it?

  • This is completely stupid it looks like he’s having a laugh and his elbow is outside of the chair arm rest. Not knowing that Gaga is about to bump him and as she does he reacts so his elbow doesnt hit her in the V. BTW she walked into him