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The Rock Saves A Puppy Named After Him Because He’s Wonderful

dwayne johnson

Another day, another post about how much I love The Rock and think the world is a better place because of him. Not only does he just seem like a genuinely nice guy who wants to make the world a better place, but he also loves animals and is happy to open his wallet for their well-being. Dwayne the dog was found by an L.A. shelter with a whole lot of health problems, but Dwayne Johnson is ready to pay up to make sure he makes it out okay (and might even adopt him, if his love of dogs on Instagram is anything to go by).

From TMZ:

Dwayne, the dog, was all fur and bones with his mouth wired shut when L.A. shelter SPOT! found him. Turns out, Dwayne has a grade 6 heart murmur that requires a $4,500 surgery.

Someone started a GoFundMe page for the patient, and the two-legged Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson got wind of it. The actor has a real soft spot for dogs, and dropped $1,500 toward the $5k goal.

The Rock’s not the only celeb to open his wallet … we’re told ‘Real World’ and “Hangover 2” star Jamie Chung donated $600 for a heart echo and x-rays.

As of now, the little guy’s about $365 shy of the goal. The shelter plans on putting any extra cash it raises towards surgeries for other sick and injured dogs.

So cute! Ugh, I love The Rock, and I love dogs. Such a great, positive story (and we need as many as we can get these days).

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