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Kris Jenner & Katy Perry Are BFF

kris jenner katy perry selfie

Remember all those months ago, when Katy Perry and Kris Jenner posted for an Instagram selfie together, and everyone was like, “Uh….???” Well, it seems like their meet-up wasn’t a singular incident and they’re just as close as ever. In fact, according to Kris, they’re more like “#BFF” these days, which is… really special, to say the least.

Here’s how Kris captioned the photo:

“It’s us again!!!! Love you @katyperry fun night #BFF’s #shinanigans.”

I have no idea how this pairing came to be and I don’t think I’ll ever quite understand it. But is it so wrong to admit that I’m kinda into it? Katy’s nuts, Kris is DEFINITELY nuts, and it kind of works. I can’t imagine what they do when they’re together or what they manage to talk about that’s of interest to either of them, but I think this is hilarious and I love it.

In case you forgot about their previous meet-up, here’s a reminder:

The celebrity world will always be so fascinating to me. It’s so vapid and empty and I cannot imagine living my day-to-day life blowing smoke up people’s asses who I can’t stand, just so that they do the same for me. Having to self-promote even the smallest moments, and particularly ones in which you hang out with other celebrities (a la Taylor Swift) just seems nuts to me, but it’s the life they live!

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