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Ronda Rousey Got Her Ass Beat & She’s Not Happy About It

ronda rousey

I know it doesn’t quite count as “celebrity gossip” as such, but it is entertainment news, so here we are. As I’m sure you’ve already heard, Ronda Rousey was defeated and lost her UFC title to Holly Holm this weekend in what was a pretty tough fight. Most people thought Ronda was going to be victorious, but it just goes to show you should never discount the underdog, because sometimes they tend to come out on top. Rousey is apparently pretty depressed about having her ass kicked and wants a rematch — something UFC president Dana White tells TMZ will definitely be in the cards.

We’re told Ronda was kept overnight in an Australian hospital.  White tells us she does not have a concussion but there’s a “very big gash” in the middle of her lip.  White and team searched for the best plastic surgeon in Australia, who’s going to do his handiwork today.

Ronda, who spent the night in the hospital with her sister, did not talk about the loss.  As Dana tells us, “The last thing a fighter wants to do is talk about a fight when they lose.”  White says, “There was not a lot of talking.”

As for the fight, Dana says it broke all records.  He was especially psyched that it “destroyed” the previous record for bars showing a UFC fight — a record previously set by the Lesnar/Velasquez heavyweight title fight.  A record number of bars in various countries showed the fight, including the U.S., Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Dana had high praise for both fighters.  As for Ronda, he says, “What this woman has done has never been done before.  We’ve been doing this for 15 years with huge stars, and Ronda has broken every record.”

As for Holly, White says people didn’t give her due credit going in … “Holly had 45 fights before and multiple world titles.  She was totally calm and cool.”  And he says she’s score a phenomenal payday.

Admittedly, I don’t really follow UFC fighting but even I was surprised to hear that Ronda had been beaten. Of course, no one is unbeatable and when a good fighter comes along who can keep a cool head and really fight, that’s a recipe for defeat.

Here’s video of the pretty impressive knockout, if that’s your thing:

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  • Rousey is very impressive but there is nothing better than seeing an under dog kick a seemingly invincible fighter ass. Congrats to the New Champ Miss Holly Holm. I hope she doesn’t fall into the same trap Rhonda did Believing your own hype.

    • The funny thing is Holly Holms wasn’t a legit ” underdog”. She had as much pro fighting experience as Rousey

      MMA fighters always “think” bJJ and wrestling will win the day and forget that guys like Chuck Lidell, lyoto Machida , Quetin Jackson and Anderson Silva often FINISHED FIGHTS standing up and knocking out of kicking out opponents!

      Many Judo, BJJ and grapplers assume they can beat stand up fighters – they assume wrong…

      • Point taken but I was really talking about from a promotional angle. Rousey has been billed as a once in a life time athlete in MMA / UFC? They have to do all they can to boost a sagging sport. To your point of not a legit underdog going into the fight … Rousey’s record 12-0 against Holm’s record 10-0.