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From Donald Trump To Katy Perry, Celebs Tweet About Paris Attacks

pray for Paris

On Friday evening, November 13, a nightmare unfolded in the streets of Paris when at least 150 people (at the time of writing this) were declared dead, killed by bombs and guns in a series of terrorist attacks. The majority of victims were held hostage and executed in the Bataclan concert hall in central Paris, where the band Eagles of Death Metal performed. (Reportedly, all band members are safe, though as of now, all of the crew is not.) PEOPLE actually has a good piece on what we know so far. It’s horrific.

And as with any national tragedy, celebrities are taking to Twitter to express their condolences, outrage, and general musings. Here are some of them.


This is just an awful, awful thing. I don’t even think “awful” describes it, and I know “thing” isn’t great either, but sometimes, when something so outrageously terrible happens, it’s hard to find any word that will do. Stay safe, everyone.

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  • if this keeps going ppl are not going to leave home kids will be homeschooled well all be broke ppl won’t go out

    • The homeschooled part, or more precisely, using online education, is a great alternative. The NEA and the horrid leftist school boards and teachers would simply go away. Records show the outcomes for structure homeschoolers to be consistently better than public schools. I don’t include private schools as it’s an unfair inclusion with the astronomical costs involved to day (the Catholic Highschool I went to, when my brother started, was $300/year. When I left , $2000/year, now? $15,000),

  • It’s funny and sad how people only care when these happen in Europe or the states but somehow manage to care less when it happens in the Middle East. Why? Those lifes matter just much as any other and it bugs me to no end that we are willing to ignore those killed on a daily basis way because live ‘over there’. I understand this is a gossip and celebrity website but maybe next time, take a moment to remember those people as well and maybe even try to understand what it must be like to live with that fear on a daily basis and having loved ones around you drop dead on a daily basis. It is wonderful to see that the world cares and understands the pain but wouldn’t it be so much better if this ordeal helped us realize that we should feel this way about every life that was ended prematurely by retards who think they can interpret religion any way they wish?