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Kim Kardashian Has Gained 52 Lbs Of Pregnancy Weight So Far

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Kim Kardashian is due to give birth to her second child with Kanye West around Christmas, meaning she’s got about six weeks left to go before little Easton West joins the family. I feel really bad for her, actually, because she’s constantly under scrutiny for her body and how much weight she’s gained, how fat her ankles look, blah blah. Most pregnant women deal with this, but Kim herself really gets a serious level of shit, and it’s messed up. Thankfully, she seems to be taking it in stride this time around and has been quite open about her weight gain. In fact, she’s gained 52 pounds this time around!

She shared this “revelation” (I don’t know what else to call it) via her Twitter page and given that the baby still has a bit of growing to do, she’ll probably put on another 10 pounds before she has the baby. Good for her! So what, who cares? She’ll lose the weight afterwards, and given the serious amount of health shit she’s had to deal with throughout her two pregnancies, homegirl can put on as much weight as she likes, I’d say.

Kim has said before that she hates being pregnant, and given how tough it’s been on her body (not in terms of the weight, but the health issues), then hopefully she’ll stop here or at least adopt if they want to make their family even bigger.

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  • Kanye just can’t get enough of making her look horrible, unloved and stupid.. have as many kids as you want dearie.. bye, I got to go somewhere far away now.., Ok, I watch the kid and get photos, then I got to leave, wear this stuff this week and I’ll view you in the news or something.. send selfies my selfish.. she can’t back down from her pledge that he was the head of her family.. and stand up for herself? Really is his quickly dwindling fame and money worth that much to you now KIM?

  • ok…first off…WTF is she WEARING?!?!?! that is BEYOND horrible even for someone who ISN’T pregnant. Wearing that when pregs…horrid decision. As far as the weight gain goes…you’re pregnant and you are supposed to gain weight, but we all know, if she is admitting to 52 pounds, that means she has really gained probably 65 or 70. This woman is really best off just keeping her piehole shut and going away now…you are no longer “trending”.