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Chris Brown Is Addicted To Sizzurp

chris brown

Frankly, I thought Sizzurp was left behind in 2008, but it seems “double cuppin’ it” is still rather popular in some crowds, because Chris Brown is said to be addicted to the stuff and letting it take over his life. If you’re unaware of what Sizzurp is because you’re not “down with the kids”, don’t worry — it’s basically hardcore prescription cough syrup, codeine, and some soda. Uh… yum?

Chris’s family and friends are said to be pretty concerned about his obsession with the stuff because, well, why wouldn’t they be? It certainly isn’t anything his infant daughter should be around, that’s for sure.

From TMZ:

The latest evidence is this picture of Chris and some friends taken over the weekend at an L.A. pumpkin patch where Chris took his daughter, Royalty, to buy a pumpkin. You see Chris sitting on a bale of hay with a double-stacked red cup at his feet. Right behind him there’s another double cup.

Chris’ friends and family are worried for several reasons. The problem has been getting worse over the last few weeks. They say he’s drinking sizzurp around Royalty and they’re worried he’ll lose custody.

TMZ broke the story, during Chris’ custody battle he tested positive for codeine, but the judge gave him a pass because Chris had a prescription.

Lovely. Hopefully he does lose custody of Royalty, because that child deserves an actual chance at being a well-adjusted young person and adult later in life. Hanging around with Chris and whatever idiots he spends his time with isn’t really helping in that arena, that’s for sure.

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  • Is he not on probation? Can’t he be drug tested by his probation officer if he is? Is he really this stupid? Never mind rhetorical question.