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Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week


I don’t know what Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be. Sex kitten? Or is that too clever?

It’s Halloween week here at Best and Worst Celebrity Looks of the Week! Let’s take a look at what celebs have been wearing, because sometimes, certain celebs dress like it’s Halloween all year ’round! (I’m talking to you, Rita Ora). Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Makes life more fun!

Take a peek at these pics and tell us who you deem the BEST, WORST, and most WTF-worthy of the week.


Selena Gomez

Oh, Selena Gomez, WHAT is going on here? Who did this to you? I want names and Twitter handles.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Oh, Gwyneth. Always with that smirk. It could be a lovely gown, but the extreme V-neck and weird capped sleeves aren’t doing it for me.


Olivia Wilde

I love Olivia Wilde so much that I think I’ll ignore the ugly print and colors on this dress.


Emmy Rossum

This outfit on Emmy Rossum has me divided, because I love her style and I love leather dresses, but she kind of looks like a sensual piece of beef jerky.


Sandra Bullock

Even though I despise cutouts in dresses and that whole trend, I think Sandra Bullock looks gorgeous in this.


Joan Collins

Posting Joan Collins because I had no idea she was still around or that she still looked so good. She’s 82! Love her slightly cheesy Hollywood glam style.


Sarah Jessica Parker

People give Sarah Jessica Parker so much crap, but I think she looks great and has a lovely sense of style.


Michelle Williams

Here’s Michelle Williams in another leather dress — I think I like this one better.


Sienna Miller

I want to like this on Sienna Miller, but the gown looks so heavy for a one-shouldered number. Kind of like she attacked a quilt and draped it on her before heading out.


Alison Brie

Yay Alison Brie, so fresh-faced and perfectly matching, I want to adopt her.


Zoe Kazan

I’ve always liked Zoe Kazan — I think she’s wonderfully eclectic.


Olivia Munn

Had to post this, if only for the shoes. WTF are those, Olivia Munn? Don’t really like the dress, either. A shiny plaid tube dress? Really?


Kate Middleton

And here’s perfect Kate Middleton, nothing to hate on here.


Monica Bellucci

I think Monica Bellucci is a goddess, so seeing her in this weirdly frumpy dress is painful to me.


Bai Ling

God bless Bai Ling. She never changes. She is a tacky treasure.



I don’t think Rita Ora intended to dress as a goth pirate, but these things happen when you’re Rita Ora.


Elle Fanning

There are elements of Elle Fanning‘s dress that I love — those peacocks! — but as a whole, IDK. I guess I could take it or leave it.


Kate Hudson

Here’s Kate Hudson staring us down. Love the cut of the gown, hate the pattern.


Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza. Why are these F-CKING PANTS coming back in style?



And finally, Demi Lovato. That topknot…what. And why is this cropped? Why does every goddamn thing need to be a crop top? You kids get off my lawn.

BEST: Sandra Bullock? IDK.
WORST: Bai Ling
WTF: Selena Gomez

Your turn.

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